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Valentina Caniglia - Teen Vogue

Meet the Cinematographers Behind Some of the Biggest Movies — Who Happen to Be Women

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Best Cinematography award Louisiana International film festival 2015                              

Golden Dagger for Best Cinematography

Best Cinematography Award Hoboken International Film Festival

Nominated Best Cinematography by the AIC IMAGO Awards

"Re-creating this event demanded a sensitive approach to visuals that needed to look tense and authentic while revealing the script's character-driven drama. Caniglia's artistry as a cinematographer made it possible. "The look and the inspiration for outside was a mix of matte, earthy colors from some Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings; for inside, Johannes Vermeer and Caravaggio, for the contrast, chiaroscuro, and richness of the blacks. I wanted to show how darkness could be pushed, yet still see the light and the contrast of the character's souls." March issue 2017

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"Breathtaking cinematography with incredible images in lighting, framing and camera movements that magnificently expressed the story and the characters state of minds of Madeline's oil, had Valentina Caniglia win a well deserved Best Cinematography award."

I always keep my mind, eye and imagination open to what is best for a project. I balance taking risks and not overthinking shots with a level of pre-planning and understanding on what actual design and visual language the story requires.I approach a project in the same way I approach life and that is with the understanding that there are multiple ways to get things done. I come up with creative and innovative ideas and use those solutions in both my life and in my work.

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"Sensitively written and directed by Ledes, and gorgeously shot by Valentina Caniglia."

"Extraordinaire lighting and camera work by Valentina Caniglia where she envisioned a color film-noir style divided into two realities, portrays the main character's nightmares, where most of the film takes place, with saturated color and contrast. Cold yellow, bloody red and green predominates while the reality, was photograph by Caniglia with less saturation but more contrast. In some scenes the main character is in between reality and nightmare, and she mixed the two looks to express the confusion Jason had in his mind.

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"Alongside some striking cinematography by Valentina Caniglia."

"...cinematographer Valentina Caniglia manage to get impressive views, and this should be applauded, as they had to go through a lot of risks in shooting the film there."


"...cinematographer Valentina Caniglia completes the vision with memorable images"

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"...the country is lovingly shot by director of photography Valentina Caniglia"

"Valentina Caniglia's cinematography explores stories and life with amazing lighting and expressive frames though creative skills. Just sublime cinematography."

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"One of the most beautiful Nike commercial ever shot. Valentina Caniglia Director Of Photography filmed with an innovative style and excellent cinematography."